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Autism Treatment and Therapies

Autism Treatment and Therapies

Autism treatment and therapies

What is Autism?
Autism is a neurological  developmental disability that affect the brain development,
affecting social interaction,communication,cognition behavior.

 Earlier each condition (autistic disorder,pervasive development disorder specified (PDD-NOS) and Asperger syndrome) was diagnosed separately but now,these condition are grouped together and called as Autism spectrum disorder.

Autism know as a spectrum disorder because its symptoms and characteristics appear in a variety of combination that affect children's in different ways.Some children's may have sever challenges and would need help while others may be able to manage their task independently with less help.

Every child is different with there symptoms  some have mild symptoms,some have mild to moderate and some have very sever,

we can not compare one child's symptoms with other every child,all have a different behavior.


As per study's and investigations there is no medicine or treatment to treat Autism,
only with lot of care,love because this special gifted child's need lots of attention from there parents guardians.

Only proper  therapies and proper diet can modified there behaviors and living style to live independently

1,Occupation Therapy (OT)
is the use of assessment and intervention to develop,recover or maintain meaningful activities it is an allied health profession performed by occupational therapist and occupational therapy assistant (OTA).OTs often work with people with mental health problems.disabilities,injuries,or impairments.

2, (ABA)Applied Behavior Analysis   it is a therapy for learning behavior.

ABA helps us to understand.
* How  behavior work
* How environment affected the  behavior 
* How learning takes place

ABA therapy programs can help:

* Increase language and commutation skills
* Improve attention,focus,social skills,memory,and academics
* Decrease problem behaviors

When a behavior is fallowed by something that is valued a reward,a person is more likely to repeat that behavior.over time ,this encourages positive behavior change.

First,the therapist identifies a goal behavior.
 the person uses the behavior or skill successfuly, when they get reward .the reward  system is meaningful to the individual- e.g. includes praise,a toy or books, watching a video,access to playground or other location,


* Antecedent : the teacher says "time to clean up" at the end of the day.
* Behavior: The student is reminded to ask," can i have 5 more minutes?"

SYNONYMS: The therapiest says,"Yes Of course you can have 5 more minutes!"

the student and replace the inappropriate behavior with daily practice and replace the behavior with good ones.student can learn easily with this method.

3, Speech  therapy
Speach Therapy  evaluation of the students abilities to communicate or student have any voice disorder, cognitive commutation or swallowing disorder or suffering from autism  spectrum disorder as per the evaluation and diagnosis by Speech Pathologist after consultation with  pediatrician and psychologists. advice speech language therapy 

Below are the list of Best Doctors and Therapy centers in around Hyderabad with positive results


1, Dr. Kanaka latha: Professional Psychiatric Social worker with 28yrs of experience working in the area of child mental health and childhood disablilties.she holds a PhD in childhood autism from Osmania University.she is the Founder Director of SANKALP  center for autism and related  disorders,secunderabad,and an honorary visiting consultant at the Child Psychiatry department,Niloufer Hospital, Hyderabad.

for appointment she will be available at Nice Children's  Hospital Red hills 
Every Thursday : 

2, Dr. Usha Naik (MBBS,Psychiatrist)
She is Top in list of Psychiatric and Autism Disorders
Head of the department for child psychiatry at Niloufer Hospital,

for appoint she will be available at Nice Children's Hospital Red hills
Every Thursday : 

3, Dr. Habib Phatan (MBBS,Pediatric Neurologist)

Available at Rose Hospital Tolichowki Sabza colony

Therapy Centers

TOP list 

1,CDC: Child development Center 
Address : Madhapur 100 ft Road,Ayappa society / survey of india
plot no:710.road no : 37, Ph 8466939095,7901516563

Contact persons: 
Dr.Y.Sravan Kumar Reddy (HOD)  Therapeutics
Dr.G.Ajay Paul (HOD) Speech Therapy

2, Fernandez child development center 
Address : Road no 55,Swamy Ayyapa Society,mega hills,Madhapur,Hyderabad
Ph; 7995511320

3,Yaadha ABA Center
Pillar no 126,Attapur ,adjacent lane t Brand Factory

4, Private ABA  Therapy center 
Affordable for middle class well experienced
contact person
Address Attapur

NayiUmang Foundation.


All statements made on this website are for informational and educational purposes only.  We believe all statements are factual.  However, they are the individual experiences of each author(s) and are not warranted.  All sources are referenced when possible.  This information is not intended to treat or diagnose any disease or illness – It is simply mothers sharing what treatments worked or didn’t work to help their child’s autism.  We believe all children with autism are unique individuals and should be treated as such.  Therefore, no two children will respond to the same treatments the same way.  All health concerns including, but not limited to, starting or stopping any medication or supplementation should be addressed with a doctor or other appropriate health professional.

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