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Effective Autism Treatments... Can Reverse Autistic Symptoms

Effective Autism Treatments...
 Can Reverse Autistic Symptoms 

Autism treatment can reverse the autistic symptoms


If you are here… you probably have a loved one that is lost or locked in a world of autism.  The most important thing for you to know - There are extremely effective treatments to reverse symptoms of this devastating and heartbreaking syndrome.  However, you have to take your child’s recovery into your own hands.  This means acting as a super sleuth.  This website was developed to be an important gathering place for mothers to share and explore treatment options available to eliminate their child’s symptoms of autism by healing their bodies and minds


Most of my daughter’s “specialists” didn’t know (or believe) treatment options are available for autism (or other psychological disorders for that matter).  The ones who did pooh-poohed them.   As parents, you know how “difficult and time consuming” it is to live with an autistic infant, toddler, or teenager! 


 Many of these specialists had such conflicting views and seemed to argue amongst themselves.  This created confusion and discord in our family.  Maybe this turned out for the best - It set me on my journey of searching for answers.  I leave no stone unturned.  I seek out and search for validation of all treatments.  Looking back on it I’d rather have little or no information than I would BELIEVING bad information.  Especially thinking, “there is no hope”. 



I decided to go to the people who really know what treatments work – The Parents (and caregivers) who live with these autistic children day in and day out.  Not to mention…  How do Doctors determine whether a treatment is successful?  They ask the parents to look for improvements.



There are many symptoms that the large majority of children with autism share.  Many of these things are like a domino effect.  Tip the first and it causes a symptom and knocks down another that causes more illness and other dominos to fall.  I am not referring to those on the “psychological symptoms Checklist” that the Developmental Pediatrician or Pediatric Neurologist used or will use for Diagnosis.  We will discuss those too.  I am speaking of the signs of real illness many of our special children share



If you treat the underlying medical and biochemical symptoms of autism, you will almost always get some level of improvement even with older children.  However, younger children before age 6 or 7 when the brain is mostly developed have a chance at some real “amazing”, “miraculous”, or “impossible” results



My twin daughter, Hannah, has beaten her label using many of these treatment options.  She no longer fits on the autism spectrum.  Currently she would just barely fit as having attention deficit (ADD).  However, there is no doubt in my mind that we’ll beat that too by continuing on her current course!  Hannah has never had any type of ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis).  She only gets a limited amount of speech therapy through her special needs preschool but no longer requires it.  Her language has exploded.  She has a very impressive vocabulary for a 4 ½ year old.



In case you’re Thinking Do I need a Doctor to discuss these treatments?”  In a perfect world…  You will find a Doctor who listens, is willing to learn, keeps abreast of the latest research, and who won’t treat you like either a nutcase or an idiot etc.   Sadly, after 2 years, I am still looking for such a Doctor



If you learn how to listen to your child’s body, it is my personal opinion, that a doctor to treat autism is not absolutely necessary for success.  Especially if your child is young (4 or under), I feel there might be a greater risk not treating while you’re on a waiting list to “see someone good”. 



The waiting list to see a “someone good” Doctor in our area (Metro Atlanta GA) will take at least 12-18 months.  This can be very valuable time wasted.  In some cases you might need a diagnosis to get services your child might need.  If you do have a good Doctor, use that resource for sure.  You are very fortunate in deed! 



If you’re unsure or uneasy about a treatment ask those who have gone before you by talking with parents who have tried them.  Or start with those that have no risk what so ever.  The fact is no one knows your child better than you do.  If a Doctor ever tells you he knows more because he’s trained or has medical tests…I would leave immediately. Down the road you will really want a Doctor with a team player attitude.



The treatments you will find on this site are not medications.  Almost all of them are completely safe and effective for treating autism and in some cases attention deficit disorder (ADD), bipolar, or obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD).  Some of them however, might require a specialist. 



I do not believe in medicating for any disease or illness until and only when ALL other means have been exhausted.  The reason for this is simple… First, all medications only suppress symptoms.  Second, all medications are drugs that do some level of damage to the detoxification system – The effects of this can be devastating when many autistic children have problems detoxifying to begin with.  Third, they do nothing for why the body is breaking down and causing them in the first place.  Forth, (assuming you need another reason) they aren’t necessarily effective or as effective as an alternative.



You will only find products, resources or tools that we feel are superior and in some cases proven effective on this site.  Also, we assume you are on a tight budget so we’ve tried to keep that in mind when making our choices.  However, some treatments are expensive but are successful.   



We sincerely hope you’ll use this site regularly for information and try some of these treatments for yourself.  Hopefully, you too can eliminate or greatly reduce your child’s symptoms of autism.  Then share your experience with others by participating and interacting with this website.


All statements made on this website are for informational and educational purposes only.  We believe all statements are factual.  However, they are the individual experiences of each author(s) and are not warranted.  All sources are referenced when possible.  This information is not intended to treat or diagnose any disease or illness – It is simply mothers sharing what treatments worked or didn’t work to help their child’s autism.  We believe all children with autism are unique individuals and should be treated as such.  Therefore, no two children will respond to the same treatments the same way.  All health concerns including, but not limited to, starting or stopping any medication or supplementation should be addressed with a doctor or other appropriate health professional.





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