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Kids Health Care

Kids Health Care

Kids Health Care

Care of a toddler begins at the pre-natal stage when mothers are informed that alcohol, drugs and stimulants also as harmful chemicals will prove detrimental to the fetus and affect its health and its future life. Responsible and loving women will respond appropriately and display the natural and nurturing attributes of the feminine nature.
It has been shown that in addition to these obvious considerations, negative environmental stimuli such as loud noise, excessive movement and X-rays and TV radiation can adversely affect the developing child. It is not known precisely to what extent these influences produce physical disturbances and irregularities but certainly, it has been clearly demonstrated that they are detrimental to the brain and nervous system.

In our Western society it has been traditional for the expectant mother to choose to retreat as much as possible form any noisy and disturbing environs, in order to protect the developing baby and so help to ensure a placid nature within the child. What seemed a logical process has been rejected by contemporary mothers who seem not to want to restrict their 'partying' and 'entertainment' for any reason; and even subsequent to the birth, have the child share in every external activity-from shopping, concert going and race meetings to TV viewing and cinema. They seem not to realize that they have a duty of care to their babies and children and sadly, a very large percentage seriously neglect this duty.

Child care centers too, are now a part of modern life. In an atmosphere very different from the tenderness of the parental home, children are kept entertained, often over stimulated and subjected to many different influences including meeting and mixing socially with other children, These stimuli have both positive and negative aspects but unfortunately the situation is not one in which the parents can exert any control. They must leave their children to the care of the people in charge and although there is a preponderance of good people serving in these institutions, it is undeniable that there are the few who can wreak a deal of havoc within a child of tender years.

In far too many cases, infancy spent is such an environment can result in children becoming hyper active and psychologically fragile and as they progress through their schooling, hyper activity is injected into new experiences and intellectual learning-often without a balance of compensatory practical crafts and skills.

Kids Health Care

Gradually as the child extends its experiences in school life and as learning increases dramatically, it is difficult for parents to know all that comprises a day in the life of a child. It becomes overwhelmingly demanding to give time at the end of the day to hear their news and to hear of their thoughts and feelings or to send them to sleep with comforting stories or consolation as required. It is easy to see where this factor could be construed as neglect of a child who needs the security of parental enfoldment and counseling.

Without this influence, children have become less aware of the refinements of our culture and do not observe its codes-in fact have become rebels. They defy good manners, disregard adults, show disrespect for the elderly and are influenced negatively by their peers and the fashionable trends that demand satisfaction, from purchase of the newest shoes in vogue, to a designer label garment or their own personal mobile phone. They are thrust into a modern world of 'get get get' obsessed by material desires. Only those children who have been protected by values inculcated in home life, are capable of standing apart and resisting the enslavement to the commercial fashion trends and business interests that knowingly are preying upon the psychological frailty of children.

So are we nurturing our children appropriately in the few years that we have them in our custody? Are we caring for our children beyond very basic physical health commitments, nurturing their best and finest emotions and facilitating and encouraging the critical values of love and kindness, care and consideration for others? Are we helping our children develop keen and compassionate minds that know the hard won rules of human existence regarding social life and are willing to abide by them and be proud of being worthy citizens in the true sense of our culture? Are we teaching them any values at all beyond self-interest, self-advancement and self-gratification? I think not. Else how could it be that children in our times are soul-threatened with abuses of every kind?
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